Wednesday, November 9, 2016

National Waste Management Holdings, Inc. (NWMH) Supporting Florida’s Recycling Efforts

Since 2008, Florida has been focusing its efforts on its new statewide recycling goal of 75%, to be achieved by 2020. This was later followed by an amendment in legislation to promote the production of renewable energy from waste. As a result of these changes, and others, the recycling rate in the state increased by 4% between 2012 and 2013, according to Waste Management World (

These new efforts to increase Florida’s recycling rates found Jorge Caspary, director of the Division of Waste Management, urging organizations to increase their recycling efforts, since commercial municipal waste makes up approximately 55% of the total municipal solid waste in the state. Since the rise in recycling rate, the amount of solid waste has also increased, from just under 28 million tons to over 30 million, a large portion of this due to construction and demolition waste.

With this in mind, Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) found that only about half of commercial solid waste in the state is being recycled. The department believes more commercial recycling would help the state reach its goal of a 75% recycling rate. Other organizations have the same vision and have joined the effort for a more sustainable Florida.

National Waste Management Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NWMH) is a solid waste management company located in Central Florida. The company provides solutions for full waste diversion, which include landfill, transfer stations, roll-off, mulch, and recycling services. More specifically, NWMH provides a construction and demolition (C&D) landfill in Hernando, Florida, servicing Citrus, Hernando, and Marion counties.

NWMH owns a 54 acre landfill facility and has an average annual disposal of approximately 110,000 cubic yards of construction debris. With new housing construction in the U.S. up significantly in recent years, and with further increase on the horizon, National Waste Management Holdings, Inc. plans to acquire complementary businesses, expand its national presence, and increase the operational efficiency of its existing business, all while supporting Florida’s goal to reach a 75% recycling rate target.

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