Wednesday, November 30, 2016

GCard from GainClients, Inc. (GCLT) Helps Real Estate Professionals Connect with Customers

As the entire real estate industry is changing fast, with the advent of technology and enhanced interconnectivity set to significantly alter the sector’s business customs, GainClients, Inc. (OTC: GCLT) is staying ahead of the curve with its GCard networking system (, which is designed to help real estate professionals better connect and communicate with their customers. With a growing number of real estate customers opting for online and mobile real estate solutions, GCard is a progressive integrated networking system that allows real estate brokers and agents to provide their customers with a wealth of information, including property details, lending requirements, title services and more.

The GCard works like most popular online networks, with real estate professionals being able to invite industry partners and customers to join their networks and become members of their teams. This ensures enhanced communication between team members and efficient sharing of relevant information to a customer during the process of selling or buying a home. The relevant info can be sent to the customer’s phone directly via a special app designed to work with most mobile devices. Customers can get the app via text or email from their real estate agent.

Using the GCard network comes with multiple benefits for real estate professionals, as they are given access to various features designed to help them understand their customers and their requirements so as to eventually offer them the best possible service. These features include relevant data about a client’s activity preferences, such as homes viewed and favorited with live links to the properties, as well as a newsletter scheduler and customization tools. Real estate agents using the GCard app can also access a detailed view of their history, with recently added clients and partners, partner referrals, and partner information.

With the purpose of further expanding the GCard platform, GainClients recently sealed a worldwide licensing agreement with real estate tech upstart CLOVIS, LLC under which the latter will develop a lead generation program for the real estate advertising and marketing industry. The partnership has the purpose of ultimately enabling the distribution of proprietary technologies from both parties to the real estate industry, with an eventual equal profit share and a 19 percent equity exchange in the foreseeable future.

In addition to the GCard networking system, GainClients also offers a stand-alone website, GCHomeSearch (, that provides listing data, historical property info, demographics and neighborhood information. Although primarily destined to customers outside of the real estate realm, GCHomeSearch can be used together with GCard to provide users with various tools such as loan payment calculators, cost estimators, loan rates and other features to help home buyers or sellers make informed decisions.

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