Wednesday, October 19, 2016

iGambit, Inc. (IGMB) – A Portfolio of Partner Companies On The Rise

iGambit (OTCQB: IGMB) is creating a portfolio of partner companies by acquiring, developing, and investing in small to medium-sized technology companies. A diversified holding company based in Smithtown, New York, iGambit’s goal is to push SMEs with a focus on licensing and/or services toward smart growth and to spin these tech ventures into public companies.

While iGambit has been in operation (developing software, servicing customers and licensing technology) since the mid-1990s, the company’s management team only turned its focus toward turning iGambit into a holding company in the late 2000s. Since then, iGambit’s founders and management have had practical experience developing start-ups into multi-million dollar businesses. The team has built these companies over three-year timelines and with internal capital, thereby steering clear of interference from venture capitalists or other investors.

An opportunity to survive and thrive is iGambit’s key offering to companies like ArcMail, the holding it is currently focused on, and other talented tech ventures operating profitably or near cash-neutral status in today’s tough economic climate.

iGambit acquired ArcMail Technology (ArcMail) via a stock purchase agreement in November of 2015. Now a wholly-owned subsidiary of iGambit, ArcMail is a top provider of simple, secure and cost-effective email archiving and management solutions. Considering the rapid growth of email usage, the company was founded to help private- and public-sector organizations implement effective email archiving programs, boost email server performance and satisfy regulatory requirements. Through hardware and software sales, support and maintenance, the company addresses a need for email archiving solutions that are within the means of small businesses yet tough enough to meet the demands of enterprise companies and government entities.

iGambit occupies the role of facilitator comprehensively. The company helps to create and fund solid business plans and long-term exit strategies for the principals of its partner companies and all of its stakeholders. iGambit’s team provides the guidance that fosters natural relationships, technology solutions and marketing synergies for its portfolio companies, thus enabling these companies to generate high-margin recurring earnings. Finally, along with financial, technical and management expertise, iGambit offers its partner entities the board experience they need to increase their volume and profitability and emerge as industry leaders.

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