Thursday, June 15, 2017

SinglePoint, Inc. (SING) Using Bitcoin to Bypass Banking Roadblocks

A total of 29 states now allow for comprehensive medical marijuana programs, and recreational marijuana is legal in eight. There’s no question that the country’s opinion of marijuana has changed. Public support for making marijuana legal has continued to climb over the years, as 61 percent of Americans now think recreational use of marijuana should be legal and 88 percent favor medical marijuana use. A vast majority of the states and the citizens of this country support legalized marijuana in spite of antiquated federal government strictures.

These antiquated federal strictures create conflict. The states where it has been legalized, the citizens in those states and the businesses that engage in the marijuana industry operate in a nether world of uncertainty. Even with state sanctioned legality of cannabis there’s a cloud of potential issues created by the federal government, though no action has been taken nor is any action anticipated to occur. In keeping with the 71 percent who oppose any federal government effort to stop marijuana sales or its use in states that have legalized it, the federal government has ignored the issue and treated it with benign neglect. However, state approval and benign federal disregard have created a real financial conundrum for the states, businesses, operators and consumers of marijuana products. The problem lies within the banking system. Banks are governed by the Federal Reserve System and the FDIC and are subject and sensitive to federal laws.

Since marijuana hasn’t been legalized at the federal level, most banks are reluctant to have any business dealings with the marijuana industry. Subsequently, somewhere north of 70 percent of cannabis companies currently operate without access to a corporate bank account, forcing them and their patrons to operate as cash only businesses. This causes great risk and inconvenience to the businesses and customers and creates obstacles for the states to monitor, regulate and collect taxes.

SinglePoint, Inc. (OTC: SING) recently announced a solution for cannabis businesses to legally break this banking roadblock and accept credit card payments ( In partnership with First BitCoin Capital, SinglePoint is creating a game changing bitcoin payment solution for the marijuana industry. This could easily provide marijuana businesses the answers they need and significant recurring revenue for the providers of the service.

SinglePoint is a specialized holding company that, through accretive acquisitions and partnerships, is fast becoming a dominant player in the cannabis services market. SinglePoint is building strong relationships as well as uncommon companies in its quest to become the dominant force supplying products and services to the cannabis industry. There’s little doubt the marijuana market in the United States is poised for further explosive upside growth. SinglePoint understands its destination and has just taken another huge step toward dominating markets and reaping the attendant rewards.

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