Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hydration Company of PA (XFUL) Innovates Exciting Water Reclamation Solution Amid Global Water Crisis

In view of the current global water crisis, which has reportedly left approximately 783 million people without access to clean, safe water (, the existence of a process for reclaiming previously unavailable water would be quite a game-changer, and it just so happens that one company has pioneered just such a process.

Hydration Company of PA (HCPA), a subsidiary of Converde Energy USA, Inc. (OTC: XFUL), d/b/a American Energy Partners, Inc., is focused on sourcing, implementing and distributing reclaimed water at a profit. HCPA has a competitive edge in its pure volume of reclaimed water and its access to low-cost treatment with high flow rates and highly concentrated solids through technologies from XFUL’s partners.

HCPA offers a pioneering solution for locating, procuring, treating and distributing water using a patent-pending process that results in cleaner water and a safer environment. This innovative process can alleviate drought conditions by enabling access to water that was previously unavailable.

Due to the volume and flexibility of the model HCPA has established through its patent-pending methodology and conveyance procedures, the company is poised to immediately and effectively gain market share, since large corporations desire access to a single source that can provide massive amounts of reclaimed water in spite of drought conditions.

The exciting applications for HCPA’s solution include oil and gas, pipelines, mining, utilities, municipalities and landowners. The company plans to operate out of a number of predetermined sites within the United States, which will vary in terms of geography, storage and water quality. These sites will facilitate augmentation or the ability to mitigate during pass-by conditions, and the augmentation of existing water flow will allow the company to supply everyday water as well as providing additional waters to the system in low-flow conditions. This represents a particularly valuable piece of HCPA’s model, as customers will have the ability to consume at their intake up to the maximum docketed withdrawal regardless of how long or severe a drought may be, giving the customers pass-by exemption.

This is how HCPA’s model works:

Region-wide hydrological studies are conducted to identify the largest pools of non-potable water
Access and control are gained to these mines through contracts with current owners
Final hydrology and engineering studies are performed
A filtration system is installed with all the needed permits
A dynamically adjustable turnkey system is deployed, allowing HCPA to execute its treatment and distribution model through the company’s proprietary conveyance system
The ability to tap into previously unusable sources of water is certainly an exciting prospect, and one that could address and solve limitations in a variety industries and areas.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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