Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Patriot One Technologies (TSX.V: PAT) (OTCQB: PTOTF) and McMaster University Researchers Team Up to Commercialize Concealed Weapons Detection System

Patriot One Technologies, Inc. (TSX.V: PAT) (OTCQB: PTOTF) is taking steps to commercialize its PATSCAN™ CMR technology, which features an innovative radar technology that can detect concealed weapons such as knives, guns, grenades, and suicide vests. The microwave radar system can identify moving targets – individuals who are carrying concealed weapons. Recently featured in a June article (, the company plans on making the system available to commercial markets to help fight terrorism and other security issues throughout the world. Researchers at McMaster University, based in Hamilton, Ontario, have joined forces with the Patriot One team to boost the product’s path to commercialization.

PATSCAN is the next-generation version of NForce CMR1000, a popular and award-winning software and radar system. It has been developed and improved with the help of the university’s research team. The result is a portable device and software solution that can be used by security personnel at the civilian and military levels. PATSCAN has been engineered to detect metal content, using software that can recognize the wavelength patterns of weapons, and compare them to the signatures of known weapons in real time.

Thanks to its small size, the system can be concealed in a doorway, hallway, or in any public venue such as an airport, stadium, or school. Individuals are unaware of the device’s presence or that it is scanning them. Rather than generate a scan as many traditional security systems do, this system automatically relays an alert to security personnel. So far, it has a 93 percent accuracy rate for identifying the entry of an active threat. Its current range is 6.5 feet.

The entire radar-based PATSCAN is contained in a small semiconductor chip. This integrated circuit is similar to microwave radar the military has used for years. It has also enabled more financially practical applications, so other systems have been developed using such small circuits as well. These include intrusion alarms, police speed meters, door openers, and motion detectors. Microwave radar offers a very fine resolution, so it can detect small objects, and some versions integrate multiple receivers, adding fine precision and wide-angle detection.

In addition, the Patriot One-McMaster University solution avoids the pitfalls of current technologies. Present security systems at, for example, airports, use X-rays and CT scans. With PATSCAN, there are no privacy or health concerns, operator errors, or false positives. Individuals do not have to comply with being scanned or searched, nor do they have to take the time to be processed. The entire scanning procedure is inconspicuous to the individual being probed. Plus, an assailant cannot plan a way to avert the radar, as they often try with perimeter security.

Many facilities have sought out detectors that meet cost, space, and location requirements, in addition to those that are simple to use. The need to be accurate despite interference from metal ordinarily carried by people is high as well. Patriot One’s near-field radar solution addresses all the concerns of standard security systems, and it is currently in the process of commercialization.

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