Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ProBility Media Corp. (PBYA) Positioned for Market Dominance

Employment in the U.S. has undergone profound changes over the last several decades. Workers have been forced to adapt to the new realities of the workplace, and additional skills are required to be competitive. Occupations requiring more education and training are on the rise, and many workers have come to realize that retraining and upgrading their skills is necessary to land and retain a good job.

Although manufacturing in the U.S. hasn’t declined as an industry, and has actually grown in output, manufacturing employment has gone down by about a third since 1990. Automation, global outsourcing, and shifting economic priorities have driven significant changes in the American workplace. Employment opportunities increasingly lie in jobs that require higher level training and technical or analytical skills.

ProBility Media Corp. (OTCQB: PBYA) plays a major role in meeting this fast growing demand for job training and continuing education in the new economy. The company is one of the leading online providers of career advancement and training content for tradesman and technical experts. By building the first full-service training and career advancement brand in the technical fields, ProBility is changing the landscape of the skilled trades training and certification industry.

The company is committed to preparing individuals with training, support, and continued education. ProBility provides people with the training and skills needed to land and retain good jobs. Through targeted acquisitions, the company also has become one of the go-to sources for e-learning and training content, exam preparation, testing, certification, continuing education, and career advancement tools for engineers and tradesmen. The broad collection of the company’s comprehensive educational programs is unparalleled, providing individuals and institutions with the skill sets needed to succeed. ProBility intends to organically grow revenues from current operations while also strategically acquiring synergistic companies operating in the multiple fields that they service. Successful execution of its strategy would easily place ProBility in a position of market dominance.

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