Thursday, April 13, 2017

CD International Enterprises, Inc. (CDII) Brings Cannabidiol (CBD) Cures to Chinese Communities with New Initiatives

In the West, it has now been accepted that cannabidiol (CBD) has medical benefits, and CBD products are increasingly making their way to market. One of the better known of these is Sativex, a mixture of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD in an oromucosal spray that has been approved by regulatory authorities in 28 countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.K.

However, ancient Chinese texts indicate that CBD and other cannabinoids have been employed extensively in traditional Chinese medicine. Now, to bring those ancient cures to Chinese-speaking communities around the world, CD International Enterprises, Inc. (OTC: CDII) is planning to distribute CBD products to this potential global market of over two billion people.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, April 12, CD International Enterprises announced new initiatives to retail and wholesale CBD products. The company has launched a newly-formed, wholly-owned subsidiary, Green Products Distribution, Inc., and a new online store, Green CBD Products, to retail CBD cures to customers in China and to the many Chinese-speaking communities sprinkled throughout the world. In addition, it plans to distribute bulk CBD crystal in the U.S.

There are references in ancient Chinese medical records on the use of cannabinoids to treat epilepsy, seizures, and pain, which are thought to relate mainly to CBD, since the Chinese were well aware that it had no psychoactive effect, unlike THC. Today, research has indicated CBD to be effective in treating epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, cirrhosis of the liver, and even to provide relief from hangover, anxiety, and stress.

CD International will spend the next several weeks getting the online store to fully functioning status, after which the company plans to contract an online marketing firm to promote the store and its products to Chinese diasporas. The company also plans to develop an app for optimal distribution of CBD-based products through mobile devices.

CD International is also actively sourcing a variety of CBD-based products in the U.S. and plans to enter several agreements for their distribution in the near term. Related plans include distributing CBD-based products through retail chains of pharmaceutical and Chinese medicine stores in China. These agreements fall under the company’s trading division, which engages in sourcing and distributing industrial commodities such as CBD-related products, oil-related products, mineral ores, and non-ferrous metals.

The company also operates a consulting division, which provides services to public and private American and Chinese entities seeking access to the U.S. and Chinese capital markets. These services include general business consulting, guidance on Chinese regulation, translation services, advice on the formation of entities in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and advice on mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and partnerships. The company also provides advice to Chinese companies seeking access to the U.S. capital markets and compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, in addition to undertaking corporate asset evaluations.

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