Thursday, April 27, 2017

Code Green Apparel Corp. (CGAC) Puts Green in Your Bank, Green on Your Back

Environmentally friendly practices are becoming more and more important for industries that are trailed by long traditions of waste. Bringing fresh green practices to the apparel industry, Code Green Apparel Corp. (OTC: CGAC) is working to reduce the environmental impact of this industry by reclaiming textile waste that has heretofore rotted in landfills. Instead, this pre-consumer waste is now being recycled and reused in the making of new garments, with countless mounds and pounds of textile waste being diverted from the landfill and used in the creation of uniforms and other apparel products.

Code Green Apparel’s recycling technology accomplishes multiple enviro-friendly aims. In reclaiming cotton from those huge mounds of textile waste, the company is not only reducing and reusing waste but is simultaneously saving massive amounts of water. While cotton is one of the most desirable textiles on earth, it is also one of the thirstiest crops, and it can take thousands of gallons of water to grow the amount of cotton needed to make just one shirt or pair of pants. By recycling the cotton from textile waste, Code Green Apparel is saving huge amounts of water that would have otherwise been consumed in growing fresh cotton crops. Not only is Code Green Apparel recycling cotton from massive amounts of textile waste, but the company is imbuing polyester and other fabric blends with new life as well.

Once Code Green Apparel returns textile waste to its original form, it is handled in the same way as any other textile at a typical garment manufacturing facility. What’s more, the apparel products created from this recycled material have the same look, feel, and performance quality of a non-recycled clothing item. In weaving yarns and sewing fabrics, the company adheres to the same industry standards as any other apparel manufacturer. The difference is, of course, that environmental harm is significantly reduced thanks to Code Green Apparel’s green and sustainable practices.

There is also one other notable difference: Code Green Apparel’s uniforms and products are less expensive than non-recycled apparel items. The company’s factory direct business model lets businesses purchase uniforms for their employees at a lower cost than would be incurred if purchasing non-recycled apparel. The environment wins, and so do American businesses!

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