Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Professional Diversity Network, Inc. (IPDN) Helping Shape a More Demographic-Based Workforce

With diversity being both a legal and popular factor in business, and with businesses facing a more diverse customer base, companies are making a conscious effort to develop and maintain a more culturally diverse workforce. Immigration, politics, new generations, women in leadership, family dynamics, income, and a shift in religious beliefs are just some of the factors affecting diversity. According to the Pew Research Center (, America is expected to become significantly more ethnically diverse in the next 50 years, due partially to new Asian and Hispanic immigration.

With the U.S. and other countries becoming more diverse, new research has been underway surveying over 450 multi-million dollar companies across the globe looking at a total of 128 different aspects of talent management. According to a Forbes ( article, research shows that gender and ethnically diverse companies are more likely to outperform competitors by 15% and 35%, respectively. In addition, companies with women on their boards statistically outperform peers over longer time frames.

The mission of Professional Diversity Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: IPDN) is to provide professionals a trusted network that pairs members with employers who are serious about creating a more diverse workforce, employers that value diversity within their companies. Professional Diversity Networks works off the principle that companies seek to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse customer base.

Network members looking for jobs can get started on their search with three simple steps: creating a profile, applying for jobs, and finding hiring employers. The technology IPDN offers allows for a more creative and productive job search due to the fact that employers on the site are looking to hire aspiring employees from a diverse range of backgrounds.

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