Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Monaker Group, Inc. (MKGI) Making Travel Planning Easier Through Its Flagship

According to 4Hoteliers (, 85% of travelers across the world are also smartphone users. The article goes on to state that 32% of these travelers use their mobile devices to book travel-related services. The company’s recent webinar, ‘Digital Marketing and Mobile Trends Impacting the Travel Industry’, showed that over 70% of travelers use mobile devices to check their itineraries.

But the increase in mobile usage for travel is not all that is impacting the industry. A more experience-based economy, the new social ecosystem we live in, and the growing preference for recommendations from peers are just some of the digital marketing trends transforming the travel industry, according to Smart Insights ( Because travel arrangements are now largely made via the Internet, and the typical consumer is looking for more than just a basic holiday, organizations in the travel industry are having to adapt to a more digital and mobile way of reaching consumers.

During a survey undertaken by Opera Mediaworks (, one in three people said that the availability of booking apps would make them more likely to book via mobile, and one in three also said that having research apps available could make them more likely to engage in more travel activities such as eating out, visiting various sights, and more. According to the ‘How People Use Their Phones For Travel’ research published by Google (, the top motivating factor for downloading travel apps is to make a specific activity or task easier. Users shared that what they find most valuable about travel apps is the wide range of features and the fact that apps store preferences that make future activities easier.

As a result,, flagship company of Monaker Group, Inc. (OTCQB: MKGI), designed its own all-in-one travel planner, which gives travelers access to a range of free tools that allow them to import all booking details into one space. The free travel organizer allows users to discover hotels, restaurants, sights, and activities near their points of interest. The all-in-one travel planner helps holidaymakers organize details of their trips, and even split and collect money between groups of people. NextTrip’s travel planner is easy to use, easily accessible, and makes planning a trip while on the move simple thanks to its compatibility with mobile devices.

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