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Biotricity, Inc. (BTCY) – A Modern Technology Company for Medical and Consumer Markets

Modern technological advancements are permeating all facets of society and industry and encouraging remote interactions from anywhere and at anytime. In the realm of education, we have seen a rise in the offering of massive open online courses (MOOCs) aimed at unlimited student participation and open access via the web. In the financial services arena, we have seen the rapid growth of technology-driven companies enabling mobile payments and value-added transactional services via e-commerce sites and point-of-sale solutions. It was only a matter of time before we began looking more closely at how the latest developments in technology are influencing the medical field and the way doctors care for patients.

On December 20, 2017, only days before the dawn of the coming new year, SeeThruEquity – an independent equity research firm focused on small cap and micro cap public companies – brought this medical consideration to the general public when it issued a press release ( highlighting its initiation of coverage on Biotricity, Inc. (OTCQB: BTCY). SeeThruEquity estimated a 12-month price target of $4.20 for the company.

Biotricity is an emerging medical technology company that is focused on preventative health solutions. The company concentrates on developing and delivering remote patient monitoring and connected health solutions for disease management and lifestyle improvement in both diagnostic and post-diagnostic settings. With an eye toward putting health management into the hands of the patient, the company uses proprietary technology to develop cutting-edge solutions that empower the self-management of critical and chronic conditions and ease the rising burden on the health care system.

At present, Biotricity is directing its lead product, Bioflux, toward the monitoring of cardiovascular disease (CVD). With Bioflux, the company has designed a wearable mobile device and echocardiogram (ECG) system that boosts a doctor’s ability to monitor and diagnose CVD. Bioflux allows doctors to detect CVD or coronary heart diseases while also serving as an ambulatory monitor capable of identifying arrhythmias; acting as a remote mobile cardiac telemetry diagnostic monitor; and communicating ECG data via a built-in cellular radio in real-time. As a result, Biotricity’s management team is pursuing a 510(k) regulatory pathway for Bioflux and expecting to receive clearance to market the device in the first quarter of 2017.

In the future, the company intends to look beyond Bioflux at other sectors that present opportunities for long-term growth. For example, Biotricity intends to launch its Biolife health and lifestyle solution for the chronic illness side of the consumer market in 2017, aiming it at those individuals with high risks of CVD or who are already diagnosed with it. The Biolife solution consists of a clinical-grade heart monitor that reads ECG data or heart rhythms, as well as respiration, calories, temperature, physical activity and more. Additionally, the company plans to introduce products that target sleep apnea, fetal ECG monitoring, and diabetes monitoring to the wider healthcare market, as these three medical areas represent multi-billion dollar opportunities, if the company successfully executes its plan.

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