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Westell Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WSTL) Advancing Network Performance with Innovative Solutions

Since its inception back in 1980, Aurora, Illinois-based Westell Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WSTL) has had one primary goal: that of ensuring top-quality communications to its customers. Almost four decades ago, this meant offering highly efficient transmission equipment and telephone signaling, but since then the company has expanded significantly and adapted to now offer some of the most technologically advanced, high-performance wireless infrastructure solutions in the telecom industry. Westell Technologies offers a comprehensive set of innovative products and service geared toward advancing network performance and helping network operators and service providers lower operating expenses. Serving primarily the U.S. market, Westell has expanded to also offer its products and services to Canada, South America, Africa, and Australia.

Westell’s innovative product solutions include Intelligent Site Management (ISM), Communication Network Solutions (CNS) and In-Building Wireless (IBW) via proprietary Clearlink® technology. The ISM solution helps users gain a competitive advantage when it comes to control and operation of their networks through remote visibility, a unitary control platform, lower operating costs, flexibility, adaptability, quality and maximum efficiency. Given the rapid expansion of wireless networks and the growing challenges this poses, the focus is now more on remote site management so as to lower maintenance costs and minimize troubleshooting. Westell provides comprehensive site management focused on communications management, power and security management and environmental management.

The company’s CNS include state-of-the-art network interfaces, power distribution systems, cabinets and enclosures, cell site optimization, system integration and also copper fiber management. The main goal of the company’s CNS is to help build reliable communications networks that can sustain harsh environmental conditions and still be able to connect any outdoor facility or building effectively, safely and efficiently.

Westell’s IBW segment is based on the company’s proprietary Clearlink® technology and includes various comprehensive solutions designed to ensure wireless coverage and capacity. IBW solutions include small cell deployments and distributed antenna systems, which are becoming increasingly common due to a significant spike in the use of mobile devices and data-intensive mobile services in office buildings, universities, airports and other public venues. The company’s Clearlink® IBW solution includes antennas, distributed antenna system radiofrequency conditioners, bi-directional amplifiers, digital repeaters and other types of system components aimed at improving overall network performance while lowering capital and operating costs.

In addition to its three main product groups, Westell also offers a comprehensive range of support and services to its customers so as to put together customized, complete solutions that best meet their business needs. Leveraging its 35+ years of experience in providing quality, innovative service to the industry, Westell makes available important technical knowledge and integration services, as well as training classes and general support designed to help all of its customers, from service providers to tower operators and other network operators.

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