Thursday, May 4, 2017

India Globalization Capital (NYSE: IGC) Strategically Staking Claims in the Medical Marijuana Markets

In a testament to its medical efficacy, 29 states and the District of Columbia have now legalized medical marijuana. This groundswell with state sanction and now widespread public acceptance has started a stampede of companies jockeying to profit from legalization. From the sale of oils and extracts to specialized cultivation, multiple companies are rushing into this new market hoping to cash in on surging demand. However, rushing in just might not be the right approach to making real money in this sector.

There’s an old adage that says the way to create real wealth is to find out where everyone is going, get there first and buy real estate. Utilizing a strikingly similar approach, one interesting company is strategically staking claims to medicinal marijuana territory. India Globalization Capital (NYSE MKT: IGC) formerly mined and converted low-grade iron ore to high-grade ore until prices plummeted. It was then that company management made the decision that to preserve shareholder value it must change course. As a result, IGC entered the burgeoning medical marijuana market. It’s estimated that sales in the cannabidiol (CBD) market, the medicinal non-euphoric part of cannabis, will grow 700 percent to nearly $3 billion annually by 2020. That kind of explosive growth is certain to attract multiple pretenders to the throne.

With decades of Wall Street experience, IGC management knew better than to just rush into the feeding frenzy. Instead, the company took a deliberate, judicious approach to market opportunity. Realizing that therapeutic cannabidiol treatments essentially comprised new drug formulations, IGC assembled a team of highly skilled physicians and researchers to compare anecdotal efficacy with scientific evidence and identify areas where cannabidiol therapies could have significant impact in large market maladies. The company then engaged experienced pharmaceutical patent attorneys to protect these new intellectual properties and now has a pipeline of patent pending cannabinoid-based drugs to treat neuropathic pain, human and animal seizures, refractory epilepsy, and eating disorders. Several of these novel therapeutics are scheduled for pre-clinical trials this year.

Focused on expanding its patent portfolio in the CBD space, India Globalization Capital is among the very first to stake claims in cannabis-based combination therapies. The company has been building intellectual properties surrounding the combined use of cannabis-based extracts with other medications to reduce side effects and to increase bioavailability and absorption. To further its reach, IGC also intends to take equity positions in ancillary cannabis businesses and is aggressively seeking partnerships with other scientifically based cannabinoid researchers, as well as with producers and processors holding intellectual properties in particular cannabidiol strains that can be proved up for pharmacological use.

With its scientific approach to new drug formulation protected with multiple patents, IGC is strategically staking out incredibly valuable territory in the new frontier of cannabidiol therapeutics. The company’s expanding IP portfolio and low market capitalization present a compelling investment opportunity in the CBD space. As curative phytocannabinoid treatments expand exponentially, India Globalization Capital is well positioned to reap substantial rewards for getting there early and owning patent protected turf in the medicinal marijuana sector.

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