Monday, March 13, 2017

ORHub, Inc.’s (ORHB) Surgical Resource Management Platform Aims to Revolutionize Surgical Care

With health care costs constantly on the rise across all medical sectors, a growing number of health care professionals and practices are looking for ways to streamline and improve their processes via electronic management technologies, so as to ultimately offer more efficient and cost-effective services. Whether it’s electronic medical records, revenue cycle management, scheduling and billing software, or more, cloud-based technologies are becoming increasingly popular in the health care niche, proving to be a very effective replacement for the traditional manual systems.

One segment that is largely unaddressed, but which would particularly benefit from a more complex and comprehensive digital management system, is surgical care, due primarily to the urgency associated with these services. This is where ORHub, Inc. (OTC: ORHB), a cloud-based software platform focused on the value-based medicine model in surgical care, comes in. The company’s software, known as Surgical Resource Management, was developed specifically for surgery management, promising to revolutionize this segment by offering significantly enhanced capabilities compared to more traditional electronic health records solutions.

The revolutionary platform is 100 percent proprietary and was built around Microsoft’s Azure Cloud system. It is already being used by two hospitals – a regional hospital in Southern California and a prominent non-profit hospital system, with encouraging results. The software is still being tested further as part of a study to determine its impact on participating institutions, conducted by Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT). The study is likely to be concluded by the middle of 2017, as ORHub is planning to run three more pilot programs in other hospitals before launching the platform officially nationwide. Marketing efforts will mostly focus on major hospital operations. There are about 5,600 hospitals in the U.S. at the moment.

It is estimated that there are approximately 150 million surgeries per year in the United States, and many of the systems that handle these processes, from scheduling to billing and inventory, are manual. This leaves way for lengthier processing times and delayed payments to vendors, not to mention potential errors. ORHub’s platform is designed to improve this process not only by making it more efficient and eliminating potential human errors and omissions, but also by significantly decreasing costs.

As the number of annual surgeries is likely to grow, ORHub is planning to gain a dominant share of the surgical care segment with the help of its innovative platform, aiming to ultimately help reduce annual health care spending by up to $250 billion. A significant part of its platform is currently dedicated to implant surgeries, a segment that is also expected to grow. At the moment there are an estimated seven million implant surgeries across the United States and roughly $85 billion spent on surgical implants and biologics every year.

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