Thursday, February 9, 2017

Stealth Technologies (STTH) is Leading Innovation in Security and Personal Protection Products

Stealth Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: STTH) is an innovative technology based company focused on emerging technology product development, marketing and sales, with a portfolio of products and intellectual property in the personal financial protection and data protection verticals. The company has developed a suite of products to protect against “electronic pickpockets”, emergency response latency, credit fraud protection and cell phone data protection. The company also has several other products under development and is exploring potential military applications of its proprietary technologies. Stealth had significant success in several new product launches during 2016, including:

Unit sales in excess of 221,000 units of its flagship product, Stealth Card, which protects consumers against “electronic pickpocketing” of credit cards;
Unit sales in excess of 64,000 units of the 911 Help Now product, which allows consumers instant two-way communication with emergency operators with the push of a button;
The launch of a new identity theft protection website,, offering “Data Secure” a unique personal identity theft protection and recovery service;
The launch of the Generation II 911 Help Now which incorporates all the features of Generation I with enhanced capabilities, including GPS locator;
The introduction of Stealth Mobile, developed to protect the personal and financial information stored on a consumer’s cell phone.
Stealth Card

Stealth Card, the company’s first product to market, is designed to protect the RFID chip in a consumer’s credit card from “electronic pickpocketing” that uses a smartphone, credit card reader or RFID antenna to remotely access data stored on the consumer’s “Smartchip.”

To counter this growing threat, Stealth Card renders the chipped information invisible or “Stealth” to intrusion. With this product, safeguarding personal financial information has become much easier. All it takes is slipping the Stealth Card into a pocket or handbag.

911 Help Now

911 Help Now is a comprehensive medical alert system designed to accompany a consumer’s lifestyle everywhere he or she goes while providing 24/7 emergency response two-way voice communication that can be activated by a “one touch” emergency button; is packaged in a splash resistant, durable, compact and ergonomically designed encasement; and is powered by the convenience of AAA batteries. The medical alert system can be used while performing any range of indoor or outdoor activities, and, by capitalizing on proprietary technology, Stealth is able to offer the 911 Help Now product with no recurring monthly charge.

The company has developed and launched a new identity theft protection website,, offering ‘Data Secure’, a unique personal identity theft protection and recovery service, designed and used by the law enforcement community, that utilizes the most effective methods of prevention involving a two-step process: The Redaction / Privacy process which removes personal information off the internet, and a fully managed Recovery Protection process which involves recovery specialists performing the necessary tasks to restore an identity to pre-theft status.

Stealth Mobile

Stealth’s latest product offering, Stealth Mobile, was developed to protect the personal and financial information stored on the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip on a consumer’s cell phone. This chip, which allows data to be transferred without the user’s knowledge through the use of common remote access devices, can be protected by adhering Stealth Mobile to the back of a cell phone, neutralizing data theft vulnerability and protecting the consumer’s personal information, messages and financial data that’s currently stored in, and accessible through, his or her cell phone.

These product offerings from Stealth Technologies helped push revenues for the nine months ended September 30, 2016, to $3.3 million, representing a 269 percent increase over 2015 same-period revenues.

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